Kanaha Herbs Kotdwar Sigaddi

Kanaha Herbs is located in Plot No. C36, C37 , Sector 1, Sigaddi Growth Center (SIDCUL), Kotdwar. It deals in “herbal preparations“. Kanaha Herbs is a privately ruled company that producers BIO-FERTILIZER, BIO CROP PROTECTOR, BIO SOIL NUTRIENT & BIO WARE residence PROTECTOR. Its corporate office is in Delhi. You can contact below phone number for any query or information. Contact Person is Mr. Ajay Verma.


The agency desires to result in a innovative alternate inside the field of agriculture via it organic & herbal products. The enterprise wants to make contributions its very own mite to the betterment of the human lot. We firmly accept as true with that a ramification of recognition in this area will change the face of the arena.

The company has a international view. It believes in regular and progressive merchandise. Its undertaking could be very clean: The advertising of organic and natural products in India and rest of the sector.

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Company Product: Pod Bug, Whitefly, Cercospora Leaf Spot, Web Blight, Aphid, Wilt, Leaf Crinkle Virus, Mustard Saw Fly, Mustard Aphid, Alternaria Leaf Spot, Pythium Root Rot, Leaf Rust, Stem Borer


Plot No. C36, C37 , Sector 1 ,
Sigaddi Growth Center (SIDCUL),
Kotdwar, District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand- 246149


Telephone: 011-20558200, 22459277, 9891617180


E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]


Website: www.kanhaherbs.com