Biscuits factory In Rudrapur

Siidcul Pantnagar Industries

Britannia Industries Ltd. Sidcul Pantnagar Rudrapur

Britannia Industries Ltd. is situated in sector 1 and plot no. 1 in IIE Sidcul Pantnagar Rudrapur. It is just near the road and you can smell the good biscuit fragrance. Britannia is a well known in biscuit and Food Products. Its Registered Office is...

Siidcul Pantnagar Industries

Lancer Food Products Pantnagar Sidcul Rudrapur

Lancer Food Products is situated in sector 1 Sidcul Pantnagar Rudrapur and deals in Biscuits Cookies and Confectionery. Lancer Foods has it's production unit in NOIDA, Pantnagar being Delhi as there corporate office. Lancer Foods is a part of the M Plast...