sidcul Industries

Sri Sri Ayurveda Kodwar Sigaddi

Sri Sri Ayurveda is located in sector 1, plot number B13, B14 in Kodwar Sigaddi. This kotdwar manufacturing unit deals in Ayurveda Medium and Food Products. The company corporate office is in Bangalore, Karnataka. You can contact below phone number for any query or information.

Company Product:Ayurveda Medium and Food Products

Plot No. B13, B14, Sector 1 ,
Sigaddi Growth Center (SIDCUL),
Kotdwar, District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand- 246149

Telephone:0120-2423191, 09811053332

E-Mail:[email protected]

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  1. ankit dobriyal
    ankit dobriyal
    15th February 2018 reply


    Is there any vacancy for fresher.if there is any vacancy for any fresher engineer please send me the mail.


  2. Accountant
    24th August 2017 reply

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Baibhav Gauniyal. I am working as a Accounting along with 6 year experience. Please inform me if Sri Sri Ayurveda Kotdwar required a accountant.

    My email id is [email protected] and my contact number is 7500952221.

  3. Kavita
    30th June 2016 reply

    Hi Sir,

    Is there is any vacancy for zoology?

  4. deepak maindola
    deepak maindola
    13th June 2015 reply

    Please contact me if there is any job opening.

  5. Lata Kathayat
    Lata Kathayat
    10th January 2012 reply

    Please contact me if there is any job opening.

    [email protected]>[email protected]

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