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Rubico IT Private Limited Haridwar

Rubico IT Private Limited is situated on plot number 19, sector 12 in Siidcul Haridwar. Rubico IT Private Limited was established in 2003 to become the top Information Technology company in Uttarakhand, India. Now it is known as one of Uttarakhand’s most sought-after software companies.

It works to create web-based applications with excellence and fulfill customized requirements. They also have one office in Dehradun on Canal Road.

Rubico uses more than 10 years of experience to make the idea of web-based service a reality. It attempts to be modern to remain competitive in the global software development market and to offer its staff an atmosphere that offers unlimited development possibilities and access to advanced technologies.

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Company Products: IT consulting, Mobile App Development & software


Address Rubico IT Private Limited Haridwar:

Plot No. 19, Sector 12, IIE – SIIDCUL,
Haridwar – 249403
Uttarakhand, India


Telephone/Phone Number: NA


E-Mail: [email protected]




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