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Right To Information

Right to Information or RTI has now become one of the most used tools or say a weapon to know the information which you are not getting through government or private bodies. It is the right of every citizen in India. According to the RTI Act, 2005 the Uttarakhand Information Commission shall consist of — (a) the State Chief Information Commissioner, and (b) a such number of State Information Commissioners, not exceeding ten, as may be deemed necessary and it is the duty of Public Information Officers (PIOs) to provide the information to the applicant within the specific time which is 30 days.


Process of Filing RTI

RTI can be filed in two ways i.e Online and Offline. In the offline process just right your application in a plain white paper as per the given format and send it to the public information officer along with RTI fees which are only Rs.10. Main process for filing offline RTI application can be downloaded from State Information Commission website.

The application on white paper looks like the below image:

RTI Application Format

RTI Application Format


Process of Filing Online RTI

You can also file an online RTI application by visiting State Information Commission website. Just go to the website and click on Submit Appeals and Complaints online!.

Now fill out the complete online form for filing RTI with the name of the department from which you want the information. After submitting the application note down the application number for future reference. Please always provide the correct details.

Below is the sample online RTI format:

online Format of Filing RTI

Click to Enlarge


Fees of Filing RTI

At present, the fee for filing RTI is only Rs.10. This amount can be paid in cash (if the application is delivered by hand) or can also be paid by DD or Indian postal order or Rs.10 Non Judicial stamp paper.



  1. Nirmal
    13th February 2016 reply

    Is there no way to file RTI online in Uttarakhand?
    Complaint page is to file a complaint for an RTI already filed.

    27th May 2015 reply

    I want an information about beneficiary of building a toilet and got Uttarakhand govt aid on 12000/- for building a toilet and about local civil works.

    • Aman
      2nd October 2015 reply

      I want an information about beneficiary of building atoilet and got Uttrakhand govt aid on12000 for building a toilet and about local civil work

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