Name Change from SIDCUL to SIIDCUL

As Uttarakhand continues to march ahead on the path of economic growth and industrial development, the State Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand (SIDCUL) has undergone a significant transformation to better align with its expanded mandate. With a renewed vision and focus on infrastructure development, the organization has now evolved into the State Infrastructure And Industrial Development Corporation Of Uttarakhand Ltd. (SIIDCUL).


SIDCUL name change to SIIDCUL


The name change reflects SIIDCUL’s strategic approach to fostering sustainable economic growth by promoting industrialization and infrastructure development hand-in-hand. It highlights the organization’s commitment to driving investments, creating employment opportunities, and catalyzing economic progress in the state.

Along with the name change, SIIDCUL has also launched a new website at to provide an enhanced digital platform for stakeholders. The revamped website features a user-friendly design and provides valuable information and resources for investors, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties who wish to explore business opportunities in Uttarakhand.

The transition to SIIDCUL marks a new chapter in the organization’s journey as a key driver of industrial development in Uttarakhand. With a broader mandate that encompasses infrastructure development, SIIDCUL is well-equipped to play a pivotal role in the state’s overall progress.

SIIDCUL remains committed to promoting sustainable and inclusive industrialization while also focusing on building critical infrastructure that supports businesses and fosters economic prosperity. The organization will continue to leverage its expertise, resources, and partnerships to attract investments, promote industries, and generate employment opportunities across the state.

As Uttarakhand continues to emerge as a preferred investment destination, SIIDCUL’s evolution to SIIDCUL reflects its adaptability to changing dynamics and its proactive approach toward creating a business-friendly environment. The organization’s new name and website are key milestones that reflect its commitment to modernization and growth, and its unwavering dedication to driving economic development in Uttarakhand.

In conclusion, the transition from SIDCUL to SIIDCUL represents a strategic move towards a broader vision of integrated industrial and infrastructure development in Uttarakhand. With a renewed name and website, SIIDCUL is well-poised to continue its pivotal role in driving economic growth, attracting investments, promoting industries, and generating employment opportunities in the state.

For more information, please visit the new SIIDCUL website at


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